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Alice In Wonderland A Dance Fantasy [DVD]  

Alice In Wonderland A Dance Fantasy [DVD]

Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carrolls bewitching, playful, and eccentric fairytale, has captured the worlds imagination and fascinated children for over 125 years. Now Alice, the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter and the Queen are brought to life on the magical side of the looking glass in a dance fantasy as original as the Lewis Carroll story it tells.

Performed by The Prague Chamber Ballet and The Czech Philharmonic Orchestra.

Winner of the Dove Foundation Family Approved Seal, a Parents Choice Gold Award, the Coalition For Quality Childrens Videos: Kids First! Endorsement, and recipient of rave reviews from newspapers such as the New York Times that noted the film is "Full of blazing color, witty tableaux and intriguing special effects, Alice in Wonderland: A Dance Fantasy is not only a feast for the eyes, ears and imagination, but a perfect way to introduce children to the magical world of dance!

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