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Alcatraz - The Real Story [DVD]  

Alcatraz - The Real Story [DVD]

For twenty-six years Alcatraz housed America's most dangerous and notorious criminals, and inside it's walls and cells bloody death, sexual perversity, and the brutality of the guards were commonplace, the despair of the black hole - solitary confinement - and violent deaths of the cons who failed in their escape bids are legendary. This unique program reveals the real story of 'The Rock' and chronicles the entire history of the world's most notorious prison.

Alcatraz, The Final Sentence is a chronological history of the maximum security prison from when it opened under the supervision of Warden James J. Johnston to it's closure in 1963 and includes footage of the 1946 riots, the arrival of Machine-Gun Kelly and the 1962 escape attempt.

Alcatraz, Remembered reveals the real story of the events on The Rock by the people who were there and includes interviews with inmates Clarence Carnes, the last survivor of the 1946 Riots, Robert Guilford of The Baker Gang and Alvin Karpis, prison guards Frank Heaney & Joab Pacilla, the prison chaplain and Associate Warden Babyak's daughter Joline who lived on The Rock as a child in the 1960's.

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