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Aircraft Carriers [DVD]  

Aircraft Carriers [DVD]

Discover the excitement of flying as we reveal the most remarkable aircraft ever built and the aeronautical advancements that shaped flying history in Flying Through Time. Marvel at historic Airships, be wowed by war planes and delight at luxury jetliners.

Aircraft carrier development started as soon as the Wright brothers took to the air. However, it wasnt until WWII that the practice of using planes off floating platforms was tested in combat conditions.
In todays world the embodiment of military might is the American aircraft carrier.
These monoliths personify the essence of power and technical achievement. The weapons they have carried over the years have always been at the edge of industrial and scientific achievement and many of the planes used have become icons of aeronautic history. However the planes that perform protection and surveillance duties
for these symbols of conflict seldom gain public notoriety.

Bonus Play: The Grumman Hellcat whose military record stands alone.
This plane was one of historys best ever fighters - it had speed and
manoeuvrability and it was extremely sturdy.

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