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Aikido Osaka Aikikai Vol 1  

Aikido Osaka Aikikai Vol 1

The Ki moves the body, both are one, that is the principle of Aikido and Budo. In his first work, Nomura Shihan, main instructor of Osaka Aikikai, presents an easy and systematic way of practicing, which will allow us to feel and grow the Ki in our Aikido. Each section in this DVD shows different techniques to make us understand it easily. However, the main concepts remain the same. We will start by practicing Kokyu-Ho, the power of breathing, and we will go on with Tenkan, Tenkan with Sabaki, Shomen Uchi, Yokomen Uchi, Tsuki, Shomen Uchi Nido Uchi, Yokomen Uchi Nido Uchi, Tsuki Nido Uchi. It is an excellent opportunity to improve your potential and motivate your practice.

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