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Aiki Yoseikan Budo (DVD)  

Aiki Yoseikan Budo (DVD)

Starting from his knowledge of Judo and Aikido, Master Minoru Mochizuki developed his own style -Yoseikan Aiki - at the end of the 40s. His son, Master Hiroo Mochizuki, later integrated this method into Yoseikan Budo. Yoseikan Aiki is based on twists and joint extensions, throws, immobilizations and strangleholds. These techniques are executed with the help of specific circular displacements that favor your partner's imbalance. This way the execution of dangerous techniques is possible in a flowing, soft and controlled way, thus avoiding injuries to the body. Aiki is the fighting form of Yoseikan Budo, a system based on a spirit of cooperation and mutual progression which develops the creativity and the spirit of the practitioner's initiative. A surprising work that you should not miss under any circumstances.

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