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Aikdo Taikido Takemusu, Aiki Bukikai Style Volume 2 with Patricia Guerri DVD [DVD]  

Aikdo Taikido Takemusu, Aiki Bukikai Style Volume 2 with Patricia Guerri DVD [DVD]

Takemusu Aiki is the beginning of modern day AIKIDO that was the accomplishment of O'Sensei Morihei UESHIBA in IWAMA. Today, there is no technique of O'Sensei Morihei UESHIBA anymore: "everything changed" said Morihiro SAITO Sensei in 1999. This change was done by his son Sensei Kishomaru UESHIBA who made AIKIDO more accessible for he would say that it wasnt easy for anyone to understand the techniques of the founder. The documents that tell this story are part of the extra features of this DVD. Aiki Bukikai preserves and develops the teaching received from Morihiro SAITO Sensei in IWAMA, honors his memory with loyalty while respecting the choice and the voice of all those who assume his ways without conflict : this is the principle of TAO. The essence of AIKI taught by Patricia Guerri, SOKE, through this DVD is a large range of evident techniques that will get you to know the faithful teaching of the late Morihiro SAITO: this is the evidence for the gratitude to Morihiro SAITO Sensei who devoted his whole life in order to preserve this teaching. AIKI BUKIKAI is the creation of an infinite range of techniques, once the principles of the AIKI have been perfectly assimilated. Aiki Bukikai includes the Aiki-ken, the Aiki-jo : Bukiwasa & Tai-Justu. Aiki Bukikai wanted to remain a humble man, without any pride, and doesnt compare himself to the goldsmith that was SAITO Sensei for having shared this knowledge with Patricia Guerri, during the many years she was in where she was for three years the student of the late Morihiro SAITO. During that everyday training, she was particularly committed, overwhelmed by her passion, living in the holy places of IWAMA Dojo. She was taught during 12 years during her many trips to Japan, in order to always get back to the roots in IWAMA Dojo, close to Morihiro SAITO Sensei.
LANGUAGES Franais - English - Deutsch Espaol
Extra Features: Chapters - Interactive Menu - Documents from Morihiro Saito Sensei - Trailers

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