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Ahmad Jamal [DVD]  

Ahmad Jamal [DVD]

Live performance from the jazz pianist.
Tracks include:
Morning of the Carnival
Autumn Leaves
"I believe in improvisation. All musicians improvise. Even Bach, Mozart and Beethoven improvised. Improvisation and freedom are synonymous. The goal of every musician is to be free, but freedom is rare."
I've tried every context imaginable, but the trio is the most demanding. It's very difficult to get an orchestral sound out the trio, but we do because I think orchestrally. The trio allows me a lot of space. I can play solo piano, duets with the bassist, drums and piano. Playing at optimum level is the challenge. What's necessary for me is establishing a meaningful statement musically; and my experiences dictate certain musical utterances; and my training and inherent sense of judgement all feed into this. The value lies in my skill to interpret a song.
"It's always exciting for me to sit down at the piano, and every time I do, something new happens, something surprises me, or I surprise myself. I played 'One' twice last night and it was like a new song each time. That's the reason there is no such thing as old music. The wonderful about music is that it's ageless".

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