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Advanced Kendo  

Advanced Kendo

The first image of Kendo is that of two practitioners with armor involved in a furious battle with the bamboo shinai, but another aspect, that which marks Kendo as DO, or path, is incorporated in current Kendo no Kata. Ten Kendo katas are the product of the unification of the best techniques from the different schools, or Ryu-Ha, which are done by two people without armor, working together and in harmony, with a wooden boken or with the katana, if the level is very high. In this video, Sensei Akisuna Saitou, 7th Dan Kyoshi, explains these ten katas that show us the origin, theory and meaning of the sword technique kengi. Seven of them are done katana against katana, and the other three with katana against wakizashi, or short sword. From the hand of a great Japanese expert, a detailed work that will undoubtedly help us to advance in the practice of this discipline.

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