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Addition & Subtraction Rock n Learn DVD [DVD]  

Addition & Subtraction Rock n Learn DVD [DVD]

Learning math facts doesn't have to be dull! Now students can "rock out" while they learn addition and subtraction. Upbeat rock music, energetic performers, and colourful action make these super-cool songs favourites with kids of all ages. As they sing along to these "add and subtract tunes," kids quickly learn sums up to 18 and differences from 18.

On our Addition & Subtraction Rock 'n DVD, the basic concepts are clearly illustrated visually, using familiar kid-appealing objects. Then delayed-answer drills challenge students to beat the performers by solving facts before the answers are read aloud-much like animated flash cards.

Addition & Subtraction Rock includes the following:
Add A While (adding 0 and 1)
Adding Up (adding sums to 10)
Take Away (subtracting 0 and 1)
Keep Subtracting (subtracting from numbers up to 10)
Plus Minus Jam (adding or subtracting mixed facts)
Double Time / Half Time (doubling a number or halving it)
Big Number Add (adding sums up to 18)
Having Fun (subtracting from numbers to 18)
Everyone Rock (practice adding and subtracting mixed facts)
Classroom Star (more practice adding and subtracting mixed facts)
Ages 6 & up. Approx. 40 minutes

Our Price: £8.99