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Adam Simmons Live Collectors Edition [DVD]  

Adam Simmons Live Collectors Edition [DVD]

Simmons' sax has all the fire of youth, humour and inventiveness, and provides some great listening." - Leon Gettler, The Age

DISC 1 Adam Simmons Incinerator
Set Play List
1.Riverside Drive
2 Italian Blues Miniatures
3.Cheers, Big Ears
5 Potato Love
7.Plight of the Humble Bee

DISC 2 Adam Simmons Quartet
Set Play List
0. Intro...improvization
1. You're wearing my shirt
2. Improvisation
3. Plight of the Humble Bee
4. Warszawa
5. Travelling
6. Miloscz
7. Noah's Dream
8. Potato Love
9. Poles Apart

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