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Achieving Speed and Power for Penchak Silat DVD [DVD]  

Achieving Speed and Power for Penchak Silat DVD [DVD]

Franck ROPERS, one of the best experts in Penchak Silat and in self defense, shows you in this video a comprehensive program to develop speed and power. This method is based on the execution of some of the principles and exercises created by Franck Ropers. See the results of his quest, and look at the experience of this energetic athlete.
Franck Ropers, one of the most famous Penchak Silat and self-defense experts, who obtained his diploma from Master Turpijn, shows a complete program in this video, aiming at developing speed and power. In Penchak Silat as in other disciplines, efficiency is based on two major points. The execution speed and the impact power are two essential and fundamental elements. When you master speed of execution, it becomes a first rate skill when hitting, since it generally leads to power. In this DVD, Franck Ropers shows many exercises, all aiming at developing in a gradual and clever way your muscles, in a careful way, since your muscles, your tendons, your joints structures or even your bones segments may be heavily solicited. All the exercises may become dangerous if too intensely done or wrongly understood. This production is a work tool with a pedagogical purpose, which will convince the adepts of the Penchak Silat and others who desire to become real fighters.

LANGUAGES : Francais - English - Deutsch - Espanol
EXTRA FEATURES : Chapters - Interactive menus - Techniques, demonstration and extra fights (R.Gracie - C.Midoux - D.Giorsetti - J.Djian) - Trailers
TPL 45minutes

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