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A World of Plants: Collectors Edition [DVD]  

A World of Plants: Collectors Edition [DVD]

Discover how and where the featured plants grow, what they grow with, how they were discovered and how they are used.

DISC1 Winter Early Spring
Featured plants include: Crocus Hamamelis Erica Skimmia Euonymus Ilex Daphnes Hellebores Garrya elliptica Snowdrops Narcissus Drimys Ribes laurifolium and Rhododendrum moupinese

DISC 2 Summer
Featured plants include: Cormus Anchusa Rosa filipes Kiftsgate Corinthe Alpines Helianthus Rudbeckia Lythrum salicaria Chelidonium Summer Snowflake Gunnera manicata Salidago Clematis Pensterons and Hydrangeas

DISC 3 Late Summer & Autumn
Featured plants include: Hydrangeas Daboecia Clerodendrum Albelia Schizostylis Gladiolus Nerine Sternbergia Colchicum Cyclamen Asters Crocsmias Phlox Eupatorium Roses Salvia Viburnum Chaenomeles Actaen rubra and Chrysantemums

DISC4 Spring
Featured plants include: Acers Dicentras Camellias Magnolias Rhododendrums Primula sibthorpi Erinus alpinus Tulip trees Bog plants Geraniums Sophora tetraptera Pieris forrestii Corylopsis Bluebells Ceanothus Phygelius and Crimodendrum hookerianum

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