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A Practical Guide to Herbs [DVD]  

A Practical Guide to Herbs [DVD]

Herbs have been used for seasoning, medicine, fragrance, and sorcery for thousands of years. Tarragon, rosemary, and thyme are among the most ancient of seasonings and still there are few chefs who can top a chicken roasted with these just these three herbs!

Most herbs can be grown successfully with a minimum of effort. Several are drought-tolerant, some are perennials, and many are resistant to insects and diseases. They are versatile plants, providing flavors for seasoning food and fragrances for room-freshening potpourri. And with their enticing scents, diverse textures, attractive shapes and colours herbs are often used to make a landscape that appeals to the senses of touch and smell as well as sight.

The classic use for herbs in the landscape is the formal garden. Many intricate designs have been drawn and planted using the beauty of herb plants to enhance the pattern of the garden; diamonds, compasses, and knots are among the most popular designs. The knot garden is especially intriguing; herbs with various textures and colors are planted carefully and trimmed neatly to create the appearance of ropes looping over and under each other. The effect is striking, especially when viewed from an upper-story window. Theme gardens are also popular. There are Biblical gardens, scent gardens, tea gardens, witch's gardens, kitchen gardens, and apothecary gardens, to name a few.

This comprehensive practical guide to herbs includes:
The history of herb gardens, Identifying varieties of herbs, Creating a herb garden, Propagating herbs, Flower arranging with herbs, Herbs in containers, Cooking with herbs, Making a lemon balm wine, Home uses for herbs, The Cotswold's perfumery, Aromatherapy, Herb gardens of England

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