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A Natural Workout DVD with Christophe Carrio [DVD]  

A Natural Workout DVD with Christophe Carrio [DVD]

Feel good with your body!
The modern society in which we live is giving an important place to physical appearance, and especially to the look we have. It is why the care we give to our body is important. To practice a sport is one of the best ways to take care of your body. But the lack of time or the need for expensive equipments can be an obstacle to a regular practice.
This film brings you solutions. It contains exercises for everyone without any constraints. From the beginner to the advanced level this film helps you to develop your muscles and your body in a natural and harmonious way, depending on your objectives. The exercises that are shown do not require the use of specific equipment other than a pair of dumbbells. In order to feel good and not only to look good, lets follow the guide with Christophe Carrio a renowned physical trainer and high level sportsman in Karate.
Filmed on natural location, Christophe shows exercises in a very detailed way and using different angles, depending on which muscles the exercise develops. He also gives precious advice on the training programs and tips on how to execute them.
This DVD will help you to feel good within your body, to be happy with yourself.
LANGUAGES : Francais - English - Deutsch Espanol - Portugues
TPL 55 mn

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