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A Classical New World Premiere [DVD]  

A Classical New World Premiere [DVD]

On Friday 13 February 2004 Australian, Belgium and Dutch composers presented a program of large
ensemble works and non-traditional chamber music at the World Wide Warehouse in Collingwood.
The unique event combined new compositions with some of Australias finest virtuosic musicians
including Michael Kieren-Harvey on piano, and the sensationally choreographed percussion piece
Table Music by Thierry de Mey .

HOLY VESSELS A short film inspired by Aldous Huxleys novel Ape and Essence. Text & Images Mendel Hardeman, Music Kate Neal Quintet

DIGIT # 2 Theatrical piano duo, morphing a contemporary cluster-piece into a virtuosic clapping game. Mayke Nas Duo

TABLE MUSIC Exhilarating choreography for three pairs of hands on an amplified table, using classical
gestures (like canons and fugues) in reference to the Baroque tradition of "tafelmusik". Thierry de Mey Trio

VAL CAMONICA PIECES: ROCCIA A work that recollects fragments from the vast array of ancient rock incisions found in northern Italys Camonica Valley.
Featuring Michael Kieren-Harvey on piano & David Young Quartet

ENTREZ! Very fast and cheerful little woodwind piece in an entrada-like fanfare-style. Mayke Nas Trio

RABID BAY Dynamic new work for large ensemble and piano. Featuring Michael Kieren-Harvey on piano and Kate Neal Ensemble

I ASKED FOR IT Piece for four chalkboards based on the famous text "Self-Accusation" by the Austrian playwright Peter Handke, Mayke Nas Video installations by Natasha Anderson, Bianca Hester, Simon Tirrell, Kristi Monfries.

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