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A Clash of Eagles - The Fighters of WWII [DVD]  

A Clash of Eagles - The Fighters of WWII [DVD]

Domination of the air during World War II was a critical element in the ultimate Allied victory, from the fighters of the RAF defending England in the battle of Britain, to the German Luftwaffe fighters vainly defending the Reich against the swarms of escorting Allied planes.
It is a fascinating look at the machines, such as the P-47 Thunderbolt, the P-51 Mustang, German and British fighters, and the men who flew them in the war torn skies over Europe.

Disc 1
Attack Air In World War II, attack aviation reached its zenith of success as both the Axis & Allies refined it to a deadly art. Fly with our veterans as they dodge trees, flak & fighters during their zero-altitude missions against enemy ground targets. P-51 The P-51 Mustang rose from obscurity to become the greatest long-range fighter in aviation history. Able to outfly even the best of the Axis aircraft, The Mustang decimated its enemies and drove them from the skies over Europe and Japan. P-47 A big, bare-knuckle brawler of a fighter, the P-47 combined rugged durablilty with devastating firepower. Built to be the ultimate high altitude fighter of the war, the Thunderbolt helped drive the Luftewaffe from the skies of Europe. The P-47 proved to be a lethal fighter-bomber, destroying tens of thousands of trucks, tanks and trains.

Disc 2
Fighters Of The RAF From the Battle of Britain, to the seige of Malta and the flaming fighter-bomber cauldron over Normandy, the brave men of the RAF helped turn the tide against the Luftwaffe and paved the way for ultimate victory. Fighter Tactics 101 Follow the evolution of the air combat tactics during World War II through the experiences of the pilots who flew the nimble and deadly fighter aircraft. See how aircraft performance dictated tactics and determined who would live and who would die in the skies over Europe. Defenders Of The Reich The success of the German army in the first half of World War II was due in large part to German supremacy in the air. The Luftwaffe, working closely with German army units on the ground, seemed on the verge of world domination. However, with America's entrance into the war, the battle for the skies over Europe was on. Even with Germany throwing advanced warplanes such as the Me 262 jet at the Allies, the Luftwaffe was outmatched. Relive the harrowing accounts of those battles as told by both German and American pilots.

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