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3 in 1 More than Mat Pilates 3 DVD Collection [DVD]  

3 in 1 More than Mat Pilates 3 DVD Collection [DVD]

Celebrated Pilates instructor, Sarah Picot, has added a new and innovative Pilates series to her Pilates For You series. Following the successful series of award winning Pilates for Pregnancy and Post-Natal Pilates videos, Sarah has now created a revolutionary Pilates wo rkout for those who love the results achieved from pilates machines, but simply cannot do private studio sessions that are recommended 3-5 times a week.
This July, Sarah Picot is offering an alternative to those hefty apparatuss with the launch of the More than Mat series.
More than Mat is an answer to a common Pilates dilemma. So many people feel married to their Pilates studios because they have not yet found another way to achieve those long and lean results they get from doing the traditional machine exercises. Sarah is the first to create a DVD that modifies the exercises performed using the three major Pilates machines: The Cadillac, the Reformer and the Chair, to an innovative mat routine.
The More Than Mat series includes a Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced video.
Sarahs soothing, yet assertive voice makes following the exercises enjoyable and effective.
Its as if Sarah is in your living room reminding you how to do each exercise precisely.
More than Mat Pilates - Beginner DVD
This is unlike any Pilates mat you have done before. Exercises normally reserved for the Pilates equipment are modified so that you can get all the benefits without needing the machines.
More than Mat Pilates -Intermediate DVD
Ideally you have mastered the beginner version of More than Mat Pilates. Intermediate level Pilates machine exercises are introduced in this level of More than Mat.
More than Mat Pilates - Advanced DVD
Pilates is a building block program. This very challenging workout requires the strength, and technique gained from mastering the Beginner and Intermediate levels of More than Mat Pilates.

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