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20th Century Icons - James Dean [DVD]  

20th Century Icons - James Dean [DVD]

James Dean died aged 24 on September 30, 1955, having completed three movies, East of Eden, Rebel Without a Cause and Giant, only the first of which had been released, and in death became transformed into a myth - a rebel who had taken Hollywood by storm and who did as he pleased.
For young people coming of age, Dean was someone they could easily identify with: an outsider, a loner - he was the antithesis of everything a well-behaved youth was supposed to be. Having passed the 50th anniversary of Deans death, his ever-growing legion of fans revere him as much today as teenagers did generations ago. To them, he is what he is: a rebel for all seasons.

2 DVD SET Features
The Bells of Cockaigne - The Armstrong Circle Theatre
Something For An Empty Briefcase - Campbell
The Unlighted Road - The Schiltz Playhouse of Stars
Im A Fool - G. E. Theatre
The James Dean Story - Robert Altman
Theatrical Trailers & Commercials

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